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    OPA Story

    June 5, 2014 by RoxieWOLF11

    Okay I finaly started writing the begining of the Power Animals Story. I only got like 15 paragraphs but here it is (^.^) :

    A gray wolf with shining metal parts lay near piles of the dead bodies of other animals. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around. Where am I, w-what happended? She thought. As everything came into focus she yelped. "Ah! Wh-" She was inturupted by a loud screech. The walls were closing in smaching the bodies as blood ozzed everywhere around here metal, bird-like feet. The stench of death feeled her nostrilles as she started to run, looking for a place to escape. "Help!"

    "Hold still." A new voice came. She was swep off her paws into the air. The gray wolf looked up to see a black wolf with purple markings and bat win…

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