Well, it's come time for me to say good-bye to the wiki! Yes, we've all had our fun times but, even if it was short-lived, my time here is come to an end.

Work has become too burdensome, life is getting faster and busier for me, and I need to become more independent and self-assured in reality rather than on the internet. Therefore, I've come to the conclusion to say "Au Revoir" to all of you.

Don't take this as a slap in the face, for the last thing I would wish is for is for you to believe I would want to leave after so-called "taking back"  the wiki. I was only taking back the comic, believe me.

Speaking of the comic, let me make a few things very clear to all of you:

  1. "Cherry Pop" is my idea, and is not to be used by anyone except for me. I made the mistake of leaving it in someone else's hands, and issues got bad to where I had a group of people calling me names and accusing me of several things of which I did not do. So, that in mind, if you want to continues this series of any sort, do it under a different name. Cherry Pop is mine.
  2. Don't include me in any Cherry Pop or Cherry Pop-related spin-off series' anymore. Don't include me as a "previous founder", "ex-member", or anything of the sort. If I want to leave, then I want to leave.
  3. Charlotte "Charlie" Venus Edmond is my character. As well as all of her children and her family members, which pertain to the listed ones upon her page. Her page is not to be touched, edited, or removed without my permission as well as any of her family member's existing pages. If I hear of anyone using her for comic purposes without my permission, I will report and possibly have you sued, if it gets that bad. I doubt it will, but don't take the risk. Leave her alone.
  4. I care about all of you. I've tried very hard to keep up with this wiki and it's events, but it's simply too hard. As mentioned before, life is getting busier and there's simply no time for me to be here anymore so I'll have to say goodbye. I'll miss you all.

And, with that, I say goodbye and good luck. You've all been wonderful friends and even best friends or more, and I'll never regret meeting any of you. Please, remember the good times we've had, not the bad ones.