Coral and Maggie Go To Atlantis is a story based on an RP by AxelGripp and Flippythekiller, and written for Tree-V Cronicles Wiki by AxelGripp. It stars AxelGripp 's Coral the Merfox , and Flippythekiller's Maggie.


All Maggie, a marine biologist, has ever wanted was to be able to see the ocean. Fortunatly, she meets a young merfox named Coral who can give her that chance, with a small potion that can change anyone into a mermaid or vice-versa. Now with a mermaid tail and the ability to breath underwater, Maggie confides in Coral that the people she works for are close to discovering the lost city of Atlantis, and an entire civilization of people like Coral. With only a laminated map to guide them, Coral and Maggie set off for an underwater journey for the ages.


Chapter 1Edit

   The ocean, an ever expanding world that resides under the world we live in and have familiarazed ourselves with. On top, is the constantly rippling landscape of water, which, especially now in the moonlight, captivated anyone who gases upon it to learn it's vast secrets. Atop this landscape a wooden pirate ship sailed along. Captain Randy, a pirate otter with a hook for a right hand and an eyepatch covering his right eye, helmed his vessel through the moonlit seas with only the moon and the stars to guide him.

   Unbeknowest to Randy however, there was something trailing his ship. About a mile away, what looked like a green dorsel fin portruded out of the water, keeping distance with the ship. However, unlike a real dorsel fin, this didn't just move stright and smoothly through the water, it moved back and forth as it kept to speed with the ship. This is because underneath the water, wansn't a shark, but a young merfox (mermaid fox), swimming behind the ship with a part of her tail sticking out of the water. With a look of determination and curiosity on her face, she poked her head out of the water as she kept swimming, hoping to catch a glimpse of the ships captain.

   Why does she do this? She has been asking herself that question for years now. Why doesn't she just try swimming into his eye of sight and just try talking to him? Whenever she asks herself that question, she is able to think of at least 10 reasons why not. Whethers those reasons had any real logic and wern't just based on fear and hesitation was another story.

  As she was trailing Randy's ship, she noticed Randy walking up to the rear of the ship and looking out. Nervous and scared, the merfox quickly ducked back under the water. As she submerged however, she saw right in front of her, a rather angry looking squid. Without giving her time to think, it sprayed a whole load of ink into her face. Completely blinded, she squirmed around in the water and tryed wiping the ink off her face. Eventually, she was able to wash the ink away and regain her eyesight.

   Sticking her head back out of the water, she attempted to regain sight of Randy's ship. Unfortunatly, at this time of night, that was impossible. Sad and defeated, she siged sadly swam down.

   As she swam down, she eventually reached her cave, which can easily be told apart from the other caves by the wodden door. She unlocks her door swims inside and locks it. Inside her cave, the walls are adorned with shelves full of things from dry-land which she either found on the beach, in sunken ships, or thrown overboard into the sea. Among these things were a very small vial with a very thick goo-like liquid in it (possibly so that it can be drunk under water). She lazily swam up to it and stared at it, reminiscing about how she came upon it...

   It was a bright and hot day out, and she was just sitting on a rock near the beach sunbathing. On the beach, a strange hooded figure was pulling what looked to be a mobile stand, full of weird artifacts and strange doodads. The merfox looked over to the beach and noticed the figure setting up shop on the beach. Being the curious little merfox she was, she dove into the water and swam toward the beach.

    As the gypsy had settled her stand into the sand, she noticed a shiloueete moving along the water toward her. Soon, she saw a female fox's head poking out of the water.

      "Ah!" Gypsy said "Welcome to Gypsy's cabinet of the unexplained! What might your named be?"

     "Coral." The Merfox explained

     "Pleasure to make your aquatance Coral!" Gypsy said, "Please, why don't you step up and take a gander at my wares."

     "Um..." Coral muttered, "That's... not exactly possible."

     "Well why ever not?" asked Gypsy.

     Unable to really put it into words, Coral simply dragged herself upon the beach, revealing her fish tail.

     "Oh my!" said the fascinated Gypsy, "A mermaid! I haven't seen one of those in decades!"

     "...Yeah..." muttered Coral, "We're exeptionally rare..."

     "Well, worry not!" exclaimed Gypsy, "I have plenty of things here that would be of very good use to an aquatic vixen such as youself!" She then started rumaging around her stand and pulled out a large bong.

    "It looks like an ordinary bong," she explained "but this is one out of only 8 in the enitre world that can work underwater!"

     "Thanks, but," Coral said, "I know plenty of other ways to get high underwater"

    "O-kaaaaay" Gypsy said a little dissapointed, "what about..." She rumaged through her collection some more and pulled out what looked like a pair of jeans with one large leg. "This! Mermaid Jeans! perfect for any occasion!"

    "Ummm... no thanks" stated Coral.

    "Oh..." said Gypsy, rather defeated.

    "Well, thanks anyway," said Coral, about to drag herself back to the ocean, "but I really should be going-"

     "Wait don't go!" shouted Gypsy in desperation, "I see you are only interested in the excetionally rare. Perhaps you would be most interested in considering..." she takes out a small vial with a thick green substance in it, "...This!"

     Coral simply stared at the vial a bit unimpressed.

     "What is it?" Coral asked?

     "It looks like an ordinary vial of... something" Gypsy explained, "but one sip and the user will be turned from an ordinary biped, to a mermaid such as yourself... or vice versa."

     That caught Coral's attention. She had always wondered what it would be like to have legs, to be able to walk, live on land, ect. Such a thing could also be exactly what she needs to finally be with Randy. However, she was fairly dubious that such a thing could work.

     "How do I know your not just pulling my fin?" Coral asked skeptically.

     "You don't" Gypsy said, "But sometimes, you just gotta take a gulp and go for it."

     "Okay." Coral said, "How much is it?"

     "It'll run you about 800 dollars" Gypsy said.

     That discouraged Coral. At no point in her entire life did she ever carry money. Fortunatly, she had an idea.

     "Wait here." Coral said before quickly diving back into the water. About 30 minutes later, she reamerged with a small treasure chest that she once found in a 300 year-old sunken pirate ship. She dragged herself back up to the stand with it, opened it up to show Gypsy and asked, "Will this cover it?"

     Gypsy looked at the chest contents with sparkles in her eyes and exclaimed, "absolutely!"

     Once the exchange was made, Coral hade a magical mermaid potion and Gypsy was 800 dolars richer.

     "Be carefull with it though," Gypsy warned as Coral dragged herself back into the ocean, "That vail contains only two sips."

     Coral nodded, letting her know that she will heed her warning and dove back into the water.

   Backin the present, Coral continued to look at the vial. She had been saving it for the right moment, if such a moment will ever come. However, even today, she wasn't totally sure how or when she was going to use it. Putting it out of her mind she decided it was about time to get some shut-eye and swam to her bed. As she laid upon it, she removed her orange shell bra and hung it on one of the beds rafters. With her hands behind her head, she just laid there and looked up at the caves ceiling.

   As far as she knew, there were hardly any others like her in the entire ocean. The only one she knew of was her little brother, Finn, but he lived with their mother. She has read in books (that have fallen overboard of course) that mermaids were viciouisly hunted down in the olden days. I suppose she couldn't exactly blame them, since back then, mermaids would eat sailers. She has also read of a fabled "underwater-city" known as "Atlantis". She always fantasized about a place like that, full of others like herself. The other sea-creatures provided great company, but that still didn't help the feeling that she was alone in the ocean.

   Wishing to herself optimiscically, she hugged her stuffed starfish and slowly drifted off to sleep

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