• RoxieWOLF11

    OPA Story

    June 5, 2014 by RoxieWOLF11

    Okay I finaly started writing the begining of the Power Animals Story. I only got like 15 paragraphs but here it is (^.^) :

    A gray wolf with shining metal parts lay near piles of the dead bodies of other animals. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around. Where am I, w-what happended? She thought. As everything came into focus she yelped. "Ah! Wh-" She was inturupted by a loud screech. The walls were closing in smaching the bodies as blood ozzed everywhere around here metal, bird-like feet. The stench of death feeled her nostrilles as she started to run, looking for a place to escape. "Help!"

    "Hold still." A new voice came. She was swep off her paws into the air. The gray wolf looked up to see a black wolf with purple markings and bat win…

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  • Miyuuko

    Well, it's come time for me to say good-bye to the wiki! Yes, we've all had our fun times but, even if it was short-lived, my time here is come to an end.

    Work has become too burdensome, life is getting faster and busier for me, and I need to become more independent and self-assured in reality rather than on the internet. Therefore, I've come to the conclusion to say "Au Revoir" to all of you.

    Don't take this as a slap in the face, for the last thing I would wish is for is for you to believe I would want to leave after so-called "taking back"  the wiki. I was only taking back the comic, believe me.

    Speaking of the comic, let me make a few things very clear to all of you:

    1. "Cherry Pop" is my idea, and is not to be used by anyone except for me. I…
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  • TheJoshinator2015

    Update: Aw! What the hell am I thinking?! I'm staying here with my other friends.

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  • Clesta The Winged Wolf


    May 3, 2014 by Clesta The Winged Wolf
    • 5:34Shadow887Clesta: *flys down to Payton* Hey, Payton
    • 5:101MysteriousEnigmaFoster: *walking by*
    • Flppythekiller has left the chat. 
    • Uhohspaghhetiohs has left the chat. 
    • 5:10BetapekoyamaPeppa: ?!?
    • Flppythekiller has joined the chat. 
    • 5:101MysteriousEnigmawb
    • 5:11RespectTheDisney5Josh: *runs and trips over on the ground* John: *runs and trips on Josh* Matt: *tuts at Josh and John*
    • 5:11FlppythekillerPayton: Impressed?
    • 5:11RawbloodK-9:..but...don't Tell ur Mother I told u :3
    • 5:12FlppythekillerKyle: Ok
    • 5:12BetapekoyamaPeppa: The only thing I'm impressed with is the fact that you got a sex change in 3 seconds.
    • 5:12RespectTheDisney5Josh: Uh... BRB. *runs to Marine* Marine. I got something awesome to tell you.
    • 5:13Shadow887Marine: What?
    • 5:13FlppythekillerPayton:…
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  • TheJoshinator2015

    Come here if you want to have a blog RP with me.

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  • TheJoshinator2015

    I got blocked for one week on the HTFF wiki. I lost my admin rights too.

    I wish I have a time machine (like the TARDIS/DeLorean)

    That's half of my Easter break, wasted!

    At least I still got my video games *sniffles* I can play with them.

    And this wiki, I'll still have RPs there.

    But there's no more Josh, John and others until next week.

    I feel really gutted now.

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  • BronyHTF

    update on promtheus

    March 19, 2014 by BronyHTF

    Tomarrow prometheus will die but he'll be back so yhay i also plan to have him adoped a chield and id like hlep on what her name and what she is

    Thack you in advanc for particapating

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  • Clesta The Winged Wolf

    Hello guys, I need help on the infobox here on this wiki. It should look like the original Cherry Pop one. I'll show you the example that I made.

    I any of you know how to make templates, help me on this one.

    Now look, if I copy and paste it, it shows up like this:

    Can anyone help? Please repond so this infobox can be made.

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